It’s all in the detail.

Bathrooms are evolving and are becoming one of the most important rooms in the home not only to refresh but to take a breather and reset one’s wellness. The shower enclosure is fast becoming the focal point of the bathroom.

There is an increased focus on the design and functionality of the space. Colour, natural finishes are now a popular feature in many luxury bathrooms. 

MERLYN is pleased to introduce our new and stunning range of shower enclosures in colour.

These colours include brushed brass, matt black and brushed stainless steel, each colour bringing its own character that will quickly transform your bathroom into a luxury space.


From the late 1800’s into the 1900’s, Britain led the way in bathroom design and performance. Our time honoured Burlington and Arcade bathrooms bring a complete collection of traditional products all with modern functionality. These ranges allow you to create a traditional bathroom that can reflect the historical eras of great design across Edwardian, Victorian, Classic, Contemporary or Arcade’s unique Belle Époque style. 

Your bathroom space should be one in which you feel completely at home, a space that reflects your unique personality and individual tastes. It’s a space for rejuvenation, pampering, relaxation as well as an environment for the necessities of a daily routine. You may already have an idea of the style of bathroom you’re looking to create or you may need further guidance to help you configure your ideal traditional bathroom. The following pages in this brochure have been designed to help inspire with some of our suggested product pairings. Or you may spot something you can mix and match with product on subsequent pages. However you configure your beautifully traditional bathroom, we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for from Burlington and Arcade bathrooms.


The Calypso Bathroom Furniture range includes a huge selection of fitted, modular and vanity units to suit any home.

Whether you are looking for a traditional style bathroom for a house or a contemporary suite for a modern apartment, with Calypso Bathroom Furniture you can plan and design it the way you want it. Fitted furniture provides luxury with maximum storage and Vanity furniture creates a sumptuous spa bathroom experience while providing storage space for essential items.

House of Piccadilly

As a patron of exquisite taste, you’re very welcome to step inside and explore the truly audacious home collections from House of Piccadilly. Where bathrooms are about so much more than bathing.

Purveyors of the curious, the spectacular and sometimes the delightfully eccentric, House of Piccadilly is the chosen source of the discerning homeowner. Those who like to cause a bit of a stir. Those who yearn for a clandestine retreat. Those who delight in having their followers clamouring for more.

If you’re ready to uncover the secrets of creating the most covetable rooms, we would be delighted to oblige you with our expertly-curated bathroom and radiator products. With a fine pedigree of expertise and immaculate service. And with inimitable style to excite your imagination. So make yourself at home, and let’s begin.